MCN Healthcare Launches Updated Website

MCN Healthcare Launches Updated Website

MCN HealthcareAmy Kavalec, 303-762-0778Chief Operating Officer

MCN Healthcare, Inc., an innovative provider of custom policy content, policy management software and compliance expertise for healthcare providers, announced today it has launched a newly redesigned and expanded website at .

Among the key features of the new website is one-click access from the homepage to the , which includes Policy Manager automated workflow software, the Policy Library of 18,000 customizable policy templates, and StayAlert! daily regulatory update service.

“In addition to policy management software, the MCN Suite gives organizations instant access to as well as immediate alerts to regulatory changes that affect their policies and procedures,” said Pamela Gustafson, Executive Vice President and Co-founder of MCN Healthcare. “The MCN Suite has everything they need to confidently maintain policy accreditation compliance.”

The new MCN Healthcare website includes samples of and recently-updated Policy Library manuals, as well as a blog where MCN personnel and readers discuss the impact of recent regulatory changes on healthcare policies and procedures.

“We have been a regulatory compliance-focused organization for more than 25 years,” said Amy Kavalec, Chief Operating Officer of MCN Healthcare. “Our new website is designed to help share our regulatory compliance expertise and connect healthcare providers and staff with the tools they need to make healthcare better for everyone.”

For more than 25 years, MCN Healthcare has delivered technology solutions and expertise that empower healthcare organizations to streamline their policy management activities and confidently maintain accreditation compliance. Our policy management software, fully-customizable policy library and regulatory notification system were developed specifically for the needs of healthcare professionals, by experienced healthcare professionals. With the MCN suite of solutions, hospitals and healthcare organizations have everything they need to ensure compliance. For more information, visit .

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