Login procedures for government sites outdated; Robotic device helps with proctology exams;

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> A robotic derriere is helping researchers practice for proctology examinations. The device, named Patrick was created by researchers at the University of Florida, Drexel University and the University of Wisconsin, according to Mashable. The device has sensors that alert the person conducting the exam whether he or she is applying the right amount of pressure and covering the whole prostate area. Article

> HealthCare.gov, the Social Security Administration and other government programs use the same login procedures that enabled hackers to steal tens of millions of dollars from the IRS. Now questions are being asked about those procedures, according to Nextgov. Much of the ID information asked for when logging into IRS sites and other systems can now be found on the Internet, such as birth dates and addresses. Article

> A health research data provider, Doctor Evidence, is teaming up with IBM Watson to bring medical data to IBM's cancer research initiatives. "Our partnership with Doctor Evidence will enable practitioners to apply Watson in ways that provide new insights and discoveries as they continue to advance personalized healthcare," Stephen Gold, vice president of IBM Watson, said. Announcement

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> The process for determining how much work a physician puts into completing a particular clinical task is often inflated and inaccurate, creating problems when Medicare and other federal agencies attempt to place an appropriate value on the task, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office. Article

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> As patient-centered medical homes continue to gain steam, a new report reinforces the fact that the model's mission of lowering costs and improving access to care relies on the use of peer support from community health workers. Article

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