LiveProcess Announces International Expansion

LiveProcess Announces International Expansion


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LiveProcess, the nation’s leader in healthcare emergency preparedness and emergency management solutions, has gained an international presence, recently adding 60 new installations including facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Caribbean to its growing customer base.

Earlier this year, LiveProcess assisted in coordinating an international healthcare exercise that provided real-time situational awareness among multiple healthcare facilities within several different countries. The event helped healthcare leaders monitor single and multiple site activities and improved overall incident communication and coordination for the distribution of critical resources.

This exercise demonstrated LiveProcess’ ability to support healthcare facilities and integrated networks in meeting their emergency preparedness challenges with its solution for team mobilization, coordination and response activities.

“We are excited about our expansion to new markets, and are ready and able to support our customers abroad,” said Nathaniel Weiss, LiveProcess CEO. “This expansion is a milestone for the company and provides us with an extraordinary opportunity for growth.”

Hundreds of healthcare organizations worldwide have selected LiveProcess as their emergency preparedness and management solution. The patented LiveProcess SaaS platform streamlines a hospital’s ability to plan for, prepare, respond, assess and document any unplanned or unpredicted event in healthcare. The easy-to-use features promote effective communication between leaders and response teams to mobilize the right people to the right place, at the right time. The American Hospital Association has endorsed LiveProcess as its preferred emergency preparedness and emergency management solution. Visit for more information.

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