Leonardo da Vinci: A radiologist ahead of his time?

Drawings by Leonardo da Vinci that explore the inner workings of the human body are being displayed next to modern 3-D films, CT and MRI scans in a Royal Collection exhibition at the Queen's Gallery at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland.

According to Martin Clayton, curator of the exhibition, da Vinci's anatomical drawings--which he only could have obtained by dissecting scores of corpses and recording the results on paper--could have transformed medical knowledge at the time he produced them. Instead, they remained unpublished until well after his death. The drawings in the exhibit were imported into England in the 17th Century.

"For the first time we will be displaying the artist's works alongside stunning examples of medical imaging," Clayton said, "showing how the concerns and methods of the world's leading anatomists have changed little in 500 years, and how truly groundbreaking Leonardo's work was." Article


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