KLAS: Integrated RIS/PACS wins out over best-of-breed solutions

Healthcare providers are looking for tight integration between ambulatory radiology information systems (RIS) and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), even if the component parts offer less functionality than some "best-of-breed" systems do, a new KLAS survey reveals.

The Orem, Utah-based research firm polled 500 provider organizations. The majority of respondents said they were happy with single-database RIS/PACS solutions, such as CoActiv, DR Solutions, and Infinitt. CoActiv is the top-scoring PACS vendor this year, and Infinitt jumped seven spots to take the No. 2 position.

Nevertheless, many providers like best-of-breed RIS or PACS applications from vendors like Medinformatix and Intelerad, according to Monique Rasband, KLAS' research director and the author of the report. Some of these solutions offer better features than the integrated programs do, she indicated in an announcement for the study.

Moreover, not all integrated solutions get a vote of confidence from the survey respondents. GE and Afga, two of the biggest companies in the field, are struggling with the integration of their RIS and PACS components, the KLAS report says.

Fuji's RIS and PACS products are not fully integrated, but are so tightly interfaced that providers feel that they are a single system, according to the survey. Fuji took second place in the RIS list and third in the PACS ranking.

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