Kentucky moves ahead with HIE plans

In an effort to advance clinical data networking efforts, the state of Kentucky has set up a corporation to develop and run a statewide HIE.  On order of the governor, the Kentucky e-Health Corp. has been formed to work with the state's eHealth Network Board to create the new HIE. The state-created corporation will also manage the e-health network once it is implemented. The announcement follows closely on the state of Minnesota's announcement that it would be backing its own HIE.

The eHealth Network Board, which was created by the legislature in 2005, is already in the process of developing a secure Web-based portal allowing clinicians to access medical histories. That project was funded by a $4.9 million grant from HHS. The Board is also administering an e-prescribing grant program designed to foster adoption of this technology by doctors, pharmacists and other healthcare providers. The program awards money to physician partnerships who invest in e-prescribing technology in up to four communities in the state.

To learn more about Kentucky's HIE plans:
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