IntraPace Receives CE Mark Certification for Personal Wireless Connection With the abiliti® System

connect.abiliti provides patients with access to important behavioral data to promote successful and maintained weight loss

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- IntraPace, Inc. announced today that it has received European CE Mark for the connect.abiliti Wand H102. The device provides wireless access to personal eating and exercise data to patients with an abiliti system, a unique approach to the treatment of obesity that uses gastric stimulation to help patients feel full sooner. Together with the abiliti system, connect.abiliti enables daily self monitoring of patient behavior at home. Previously, this critical data could only be retrieved during a physician office visit.

Clinical studies demonstrate that achieving and maintaining significant weight loss requires ongoing self monitoring and lifestyle management. Bringing ease and accuracy to the process of self monitoring, connect.abiliti allows immediate access to automatically recorded patient data, including food consumption and physical activity. This information supports the development of effective, personalized weight loss management plans, thereby improving patient results.

“connect.abiliti provides patients with objective, real-time data about their eating and exercise habits that, for the first time, empowers them to make smart decisions and take full control of their weight loss journey,” said Chuck Brynelsen, CEO of IntraPace.

The abiliti system employs food detection and activity sensors to continuously monitor and store a person’s eating and exercise behavior on the implanted device. Using the connect.abiliti wand, abiliti system patients can wirelessly retrieve the food consumption and physical activity data recorded by their abiliti device and then view it on their personal computer. They may also share this data at their discretion on, an online portal and support network for abiliti peers, their friends and family, and healthcare professionals.

About the abiliti System

Following implantation via a simple minimally invasive surgical procedure, the abiliti system detects when a person eats or drinks and sends low-level electrical impulses to the stomach. This stimulation is intended to help a person feel full before the stomach is actually full, causing them to eat less. As the anatomy of the stomach and intestines is not changed, clinical experience with the abiliti system has shown virtually none of the nausea, diarrhea and other side effects seen with gastric bypass surgery and gastric banding. Patients are not restricted in the types of food that they consume, but are encouraged to adopt a healthy diet and exercise program.

Further, this novel system automatically records when a patient eats, drinks and exercises. Using a simple wireless connection, patients and physicians can view the consumption and exercise data. Access to this important information provides an enormous benefit as it allows physicians and patients to understand patient behaviors and develop effective strategies for maintained weight loss. Additionally, the system connects patients to a valuable social support network, which research has demonstrated to increase the effectiveness of weight loss programs.

About IntraPace

IntraPace was founded in 2001 to address an unmet need in weight loss surgery by developing a gentler solution for weight loss that incorporates essential components of behavior therapy. The abiliti system is intended to enable patients to achieve and sustain significant weight loss without the complications, lifestyle restrictions and substantial anatomical changes associated with the established weight loss surgeries.

Based in Mountain View, California, IntraPace is backed by premier investors, including Boston Scientific, CB Health Ventures, DFJ ePlanet Ventures, InCube Ventures, Johnson & Johnson Development Corp., L Capital Partners, Oxford Bioscience Partners, Toucan Capital Corp and Vulcan Capital.

The abiliti system has CE Mark in the European Union. It is not approved for sale in the United States. For more information, visit


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