The importance of business intelligence for hospital leaders

Recently I gave a keynote at the Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit in Minneapolis. I had a basic knowledge of business intelligence programs and data warehousing systems, and I had first-hand knowledge about how most hospital leaders do not appreciate how business intelligence can help them move to sophisticated data reporting and analytic systems.

Meeting the other Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit faculty at a pre-conference dinner and listening to some of the other presentations improved my appreciation for the importance of hospitals embracing this movement.

On my flight back from Minneapolis to Philadelphia, I read "Healthcare Business Intelligence: A Guide to Empowering Successful Data Reporting and Analytics" by Laura B. Madsen, M.S., founder of the summit. Her book is a must read for any hospital leader who wants to implement an enterprise business intelligence project from pre-concept to execution to decrease per-capita cost of care and increase quality. >> Read the full Hospital Impact post


The Real Payback of Healthcare Analytics

Tuesday, April 6 | 2pm ET / 11am PT

With the unpredictability of healthcare today, organizations are sharpening their focus on analytics to make more data-informed decisions. Join us for a roundtable session in which thought leaders will discuss how they are maximizing their analytics investments.