iMedicare Reaches 500 Pharmacies and Thousands of Seniors

<0> Fastest growing Medicare comparison platform helps seniors save money </0>

iMedicare Reaches 500 Pharmacies and Thousands of Seniors

<0> iMedicareFlaviu Simihaian, 704-769-0540CEO </0>

, the fastest growing patient engagement and Medicare decision-making platform, announced today that it is now available in 500 pharmacies nationwide to help thousands of seniors enroll in affordable health insurance and prescription drug coverage.

iMedicare enables pharmacists to help seniors easily shop for Medicare insurance plans by automatically integrating their prescription medications in one simple, elegant mobile solution.

By working with all of the major pharmacy software systems including Rx30, QS/1, Computer-Rx and FrameworkLTC, iMedicare personalizes the Medicare plan selection process based on seniors’ drug. “Before iMedicare, choosing Medicare insurance was extremely difficult because it required manually inputting all of patients’ current medications,” said iMedicare CEO Flaviu Simihaian. “Now, iMedicare has the ability to securely import the patients’ information in a matter of seconds.”

Recently, iMedicare introduced new software capabilities to further enable Medicare seniors to save money on Part D plans, while also increasing patient engagement at pharmacies. The company now identifies therapeutically equivalent medication alternatives, offering seniors less expensive options available, whether that is a generic or just a more affordable brand medication. “As a result of using iMedicare, the pharmacy saved patients over $200,000 this year,” said Steve Adkins, owner of Health Park Pharmacy in Raleigh, N.C.

Before using iMedicare, pharmacists would often spend30 to 45 minutes helping a patient find a Medicare plan that covered their prescription drug needs. iMedicare reduces the process to 2 minutes.

“We have been helping our customers with a Medicare Part D selection for a couple of years now. Before we would always have to print out all the information to present it to our customers. Now with iMedicare, we are able to show them in multiple ways which plan might be best for them,” said Robert Nearhoof, owner of KleinsRx in Ohio. “I am really looking forward to using iMedicare for years to come.”

By the end of this year, iMedicare expects to enable 1,000 pharmacies in all 50 states to help over 20,000 seniors save more than $16 million on Medicare plans.

iMedicare is a decision-making platform that engages patients and reduces the cost of Medicare while increasing revenues for healthcare professionals consulting Medicare patients. For more information, visit .

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