ImageIQ® and the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute Partner to Improve Joint Replacement Implant Research

CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- ImageIQ, Inc. announced today that it will partner with the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute (AORI) to enhance the ongoing joint replacement research taking place at AORI. ImageIQ and AORI will apply state-of-the-art 3-dimensional imaging analytics to improve the assessment of the structural integrity and longitudinal performance of various biomaterials in orthopedic implant wear studies. As a result, AORI and its sponsors will be able to more confidently make critical “go / no-go” and quality-based R&D decisions in less time and with less up-front investment. In addition, data generated from this partnership can be used to help reduce the frequency of joint replacement implant failures, and subsequently improve the quality of life for those undergoing joint replacement procedures.

ImageIQ will develop and employ micro-computed tomography (Micro-CT) and volumetric image processing techniques which have been custom-tailored to the specific properties of each biomaterial to generate high resolution 3-dimensional visualizations which can then be processed and analyzed to render highly quantitative information on implant material wear, durability and degradation over time. This will also enable AORI and its sponsors to make more informed decisions regarding optimal implant design, material and geometry.

ImageIQ provides custom-tailored preclinical and clinical imaging analytics, software engineering and image visualization services for research, medical device and pharmaceutical organizations. “We partnered with ImageIQ because of their clinical lineage and rich history of excellence in providing application-specific medical imaging and image processing for the orthopedic research community,” said Dr. Robert Hopper, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute and a lead Investigator at AORI. “The sophistication of our joint replacement research requires equally sophisticated image acquisition and processing. Pairing our research staff with the ImageIQ engineers optimizes our ability to derive robust, quantitative and clinically relevant data from every one of our studies. Our partnership with ImageIQ will allow us to leverage their expertise and state-of-the-art imaging resources, enabling us to focus our research efforts on the clinical interpretation of the data that ImageIQ provides.”

“We are excited for the opportunity to partner with Dr. Hopper, AORI and its sponsors to enhance their joint replacement R&D,” said Dr. Amit Vasanji, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at ImageIQ. “We have many years of experience applying custom-tailored 3D imaging and image analytics to improve orthopedic implant R&D timelines, reduce costs and enhance study outcomes and performance measurements. In the case of AORI, our utilization of application-specific Micro-CT imaging and image processing techniques will give the research team greater insight into how their implants and biomaterials are performing both in vitro and in vivo.”

AORI and its sponsors will leverage more than a decade of orthopedic implant imaging analytics experience that the ImageIQ team garnered during its tenure within Cleveland Clinic, where it functioned as the Biomedical Imaging and Analysis Core.

“This partnership highlights the need for new and innovative approaches to biomaterial and joint replacement research,” commented Dr. Hopper. “The complex nature of quantitatively and reproducibly assessing biomaterial and implant performance metrics over time necessitates a more custom-tailored approach to utilizing imaging, image processing and visualization. Combining our decades of orthopedic joint replacement research experience with ImageIQ’s expertise in tailoring imaging analytics to meet the unique demands orthopedic implant research will improve our ability to make new discoveries faster and with greater confidence than ever before.”

About ImageIQ

ImageIQ is an Imaging Contract Research Organization (ICRO) that combines software engineering with biomedical and imaging expertise to provide quantitative visual analysis that enhances R&D and product efficacy/safety testing for research, medical device and pharmaceutical organizations. Incubated within Cleveland Clinic for the better part of a decade, ImageIQ provides customized image analytics and reporting, delivering objective quantitative evidence that speeds time to discovery and market entry, reduces internal overhead and improves grant proposal attractiveness and fundability.

About the Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute

Since its inception in 1972, Anderson Orthopaedic Research Institute's (AORI’s) studies have led to new insights concerning orthopaedic surgical practices, patient outcomes, and orthopaedic implants. The benefits of this research were seen early in AORI's history by the development of the first FDA-approved, porous-coated, cementless hip implant. Anderson Clinic physician Dr. Charles Engh pioneered this implant in the United States to address the problem of durable implant fixation that caused early failures of hip implants in the 1970s. Durable fixation was achieved with the new cementless implant by biological fixation, meaning that the patient's bone grew into the implant. Since then, AORI has thoroughly evaluated the outcomes of cementless total hip replacements in numerous studies. Today, AORI's studies continue to shed light on the effectiveness of both hip and knee replacements. They share their findings in peer-review journals, orthopaedic text books, popular publications, videos, and through presentations. AORI's research topics include the following subjects: a) Effectiveness of cementless hip implants; b) Improving the longevity of hip and knee replacements; Patient outcomes from new implant designs; c) Treatment of challenging patient populations; d) The effectiveness of different surgical techniques; and e) Recovery procedures after hip and knee arthroplasties.


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