Hospital social media: Less may be more

In today's super-sized world, people seem to think that bigger is better. However, when it comes to healthcare marketing, less can be more. People today are multi-taskers, who have a hard time reading a blog, let alone "War and Peace." We're all looking for ways to get smarter faster, and do more with less.

Here are some things to think about:

You can have too much of a good thing--even Facebook pages: Everyone seems to love Facebook, so why shouldn't your hospital have seven or eight Facebook pages? After all, you can have one for each hospital in your system or each service line. While this may make sense at first, the danger is that you'll end up building the brand for the local hospital or the service line at the expense of the larger system. In addition, having multiple Facebook pages can make management unwieldy and result in static pages or the same information being posted on multiple pages. 

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