HIPAA Secure Now! and BUMI (Backup My Info!) Partner to Provide a HIPAA Compliant Data Backup Service

HIPAA Secure Now! and BUMI (Backup My Info!) announced today a new HIPAA compliant data backup service called HIPAA Secure Backup Powered by BUMI. BUMI is the premium provider of managed online backup and recovery solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Under HIPAA Security Rule 164.308(a)(7)(ii)(A), medical providers and their business associates are required by law to implement a data backup plan that ensures Protected Health Information (PHI) is properly safeguarded. HIPAA Secure Backup Powered by BUMI ensures that data is encrypted prior to being sent to the BUMI servers and that data remains encrypted on the servers. BUMI will sign a required HIPAA business associate agreement with either a covered entity or business associate (healthcare organizations and their contractors) to certify that they comply with the new HIPAA Omnibus Rule. The service is fully managed from the software installation to monitoring backups, notifying clients if there are issues with backups, and 24x7 live support and data recovery. “One of the most frequently asked question we get from our clients is concerning HIPAA compliant data backup services,” explained HIPAA Secure Now! President and CEO Art Gross. “Our clients are looking for an automated, fully managed, affordable, HIPAA compliant backup service that not only helps protect patient information but helps them with HIPAA compliance. BUMI ensures that data backups comply with HIPAA regulations and signing a HIPAA business associate agreement ensures compliance with the HIPAA Security and Omnibus Rules. In addition, their 24x7 live support is unmatched.” Jennifer Walzer, President and Founder of BUMI (Backup My Info!) said, “We are excited to be working with HIPAA Secure Now! to help healthcare organizations and their associates ensure compliance. Our fully managed, premium backup and recovery solution provides healthcare organization the peace of mind that their patient data is securely backed up and complaint with HIPAA regulations.” About HIPAA Secure Now! HIPAA Secure Now! has been helping clients comply with the HIPAA Security Rule since 2009. HIPAA Secure Now! is the fastest and easiest way to HIPAA compliance. HIPAA Secure Now! performs our client’s Risk Assessment; writes their policies and procedures and trains their employees on how to protect patient information. In addition, HIPAA Secure Now! offers a full suite of technology products to protect patient information including email encryption, mobile encryption, data backup, disaster recovery and network security. For more information visit http://www.HIPAASecureNow.com. About BUMI Founded in 2002, BUMI (Backup My Info!) specializes in delivering online backup and recovery solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Based in New York City, BUMI provides an off-site data protection solution that addresses critical issues such as rapid growth of data, business continuity, and regulatory compliance. Every BUMI client is cared for by a team of senior-level engineers dedicated to providing proactive and personalized support. Clients include professional service organizations such as banking, financial, insurance, accounting, hedge funds and law firms. For more information, visit http://www.backupmyinfo.com, call (866) 444- BUMI (2864)

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