HIMSS16: Keeping patients engaged in their care

Providers increasingly are looking for new ways to involve patients in their own care, especially as innovations make engagement easier than ever and as payment models shift from being volume- to value-based.

There will be more than a dozen sessions on patient engagement at HIMSS16 in Las Vegas. Speakers will talk about how their organizations are pushing patient involvement by creating technology councils, adopting new approaches to engagement and making portals and devices more patient-friendly.

Here are a few of the myriad Consumer and Patient Engagement track sessions:

Patient Engagement - The Next Chapter: Providers are already deeply involved with patient engagement, but there are more steps that lay ahead. Harry Greenspun, M.D., director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, and Judy Murphy, chief nursing officer at IBM Global Healthcare, will speak on March 2, at 10 a.m., about the current state of patient engagement, new approaches to connecting patients to their care and how new innovations will work within changing payment models and demographics. 

Engaging Patients with a Patient-Focused Technology Council: UCLA looks to its patients for their opinion on everything from portals to inpatient technologies. The health system created the Patient-Focused Technology Council to hear straight from the users of its new tools and innovations. At 11:30 a.m., on March 2, Ellen Pollack, RN, chief nursing information officer, and Nina Emerson, director of inpatient applications, will speak about how providers can recruit patients for a tech council, initiatives that could benefit from patient feedback and how to follow up on feedback, among other topics.

Patient Engagement Beyond Patient Portal-Strategic Approach: Shashi Tripathi, chief information officer at Spring Field Clinic, and Satin Katiyar, CEO of Kratin Software, will speak about how healthcare organizations can improve patient engagement beyond patient portals. They also will touch on how to close gaps in patient portals, how to improve delivery of value-based care and how to work with multiple players to create tools with which patients can engage.