HHS to sponsor open source 'code-a-thon' for NHIN

Later this month, HHS plans to sponsor a "code-a-thon"--a gathering for open-source programmers--focused on finding ways to improve the CONNECT gateway software used to access the Nationwide Health Information Network. The project's initial strategy will be guided by Brian Behlendorf, an open source advocate and contractor to the Administration's Open Government team.

The CONNECT software was developed by more than 20 federal agencies, working under the guidance of the FHA. This version of CONNECT, which helps agencies and private sector health organizations exchange health records securely using the NHIN protocols and core services, was released in April. At the code-a-thon, which takes place August 27, programmers will write bug fixes, adapters, client apps, security and development tools for CONNECT, among other things.

The code-a-thon should not only improve CONNECT, but will also help build personal connection between the programmers working on the project, Behlendorf says. This will make it easier to take ideas born at the meeting to the next level, later, when the coders are no longer face-to-face.

To learn more about the event:
- read this Government Health IT piece

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