HHS allocates $1.9 million for new telehealth resource centers

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services has allocated $1.9 million for new telehealth resource centers, in amounts of up to $300,000 for the national center and $325,000 for each regional center, through the Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program. The funds are going to healthcare organizations and networks establishing telehealth programs for rural and medically underserved parts of the population. Funding is available through FY2015 for various centers, administrators said.

Applicants that receive funding "will provide technical assistance, training and support for healthcare providers and a range of healthcare entities that provide or will provide telehealth services; disseminate information and research findings related to telehealth services; promote effective collaboration among telehealth resource centers and OAT; conduct evaluations to determine the best [use] of telehealth technologies to meet healthcare needs; and promote the integration of the technologies used in clinical information systems with other telehealth technologies; among many other activities," according to an mHIMSS article. Article