HealthPost Announces Strategic Partnership with Next Wave Health

HealthPost Announces Strategic Partnership with Next Wave Health

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, a cloud-based provider search and booking platform that delivers growth, care coordination and patient engagement solutions to hospital systems, announced today a strategic partnership with , a venture led by that provides healthcare technology companies with growth capital, advice and operational support.

HealthPost's proprietary technology platform is defining the industry benchmark with its ease and convenience for patients and its sophistication, comprehensive breadth, ease of use and ROI for providers and hospitals.

Ivo Nelson, healthcare pioneer, investor and founder of Next Wave Health, explained, “What sets HealthPost apart is its innovative and effective approach to growth and care coordination in healthcare. Unlike other companies that claim to offer similar services, HealthPost has the most comprehensive product offering and a proven ability to deliver significant ROI to its growing list of enterprise customers. We are excited to work with HealthPost in expanding throughout the U.S.”

Next Wave Health, which made a minority investment in HealthPost, will also provide strategic advice, operational and administrative assistance and introductions to support sales.

“We are excited to partner with Ivo Nelson and the team at Next Wave Health,” said Omar Alvi, CEO of HealthPost. “As a strategic partner, Next Wave Health brings deep industry insights, an extensive network of executive relationships and significant experience creating and scaling successful health IT companies.”

HealthPost is a leading provider of cloud-based search and booking solutions for healthcare systems, medical practices and health plans. The company has a proven track record of enhancing patient satisfaction while delivering significant growth and care coordination benefits and has been successfully deployed at some of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the country. For more information, please visit .

Next Wave Health provides start-up healthcare technology companies with initial funding, experienced industry advisors and operational services that support growth. For more information, visit .

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