Health IT focus varies from coast to coast; Arkansas Medical Board mulls importance of face-to-face visit before telemedicine use;

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> There's a difference from coast to coast on different approaches to health IT innovations, according to Mike Feibus, writing for USA Today. Health IT innovators on the East Coast usually are industry insiders, like providers and nurses, while those on the West Coast boast mainly tech skills, he says. Article

> Proponents of allowing doctors to treat patients via telemedicine without an initial in person visit spoke out at a hearing on a draft proposal by the Arkansas Medical Board's Telemedicine Advisory Committee, according to Arkansas Online. Currently, an act passed by the state legislature only allows telehealth visits if a doctor has seen a patient face to face; some at the hearing said without that, symptoms could be missed; others said it would prevent them from offering phone-based services to patients. Article

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> Electronic health records combined with genotype data have identified new subtypes of Type 2 diabetes, potentially enabling clinicians to tailor medical care to patients based on their genomic differences, according to a new study in Science Translational Medicine. Article

> It is "essential" for behavioral health and physical health providers to share electronic patient data, but there are roadblocks to these efforts, according to a recent post from the Altarum Institute's Center for Implementation Science. Article

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> Kentucky citizens voted Tuesday to elect Tea Party activist Matt Bevin as their new governor, a decision that will have major implications for the state's Affordable Care Act exchange, KYnect. Article

And Finally... At lease he really cares about his studies. Article