GE Healthcare to invest $2 billion in software; Florida prescription drug database leaks info for 3,300;

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> GE Healthcare plans to invest $2 billion on software development over the next five years, an annoucement from the company states. "This investment is designed to advance current and future offerings in order to address new and pressing operational and productivity challenges faced by healthcare organizations around the world," the announcement states. Announcement

>  A Florida prescription drug database has leaked patient info. An announcement from the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said "approximately 3,300 Floridians' confidential prescription drug information, stored in a state-wide prescription drug database, ended up in the hands of third parties without the knowledge or consent of the individuals whose prescription drug information was released." Announcement

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> Backing up President Obama's claim that healthcare reform is working as planned, hospitals already are achieving cost savings and improved care under the law. For instance, more than 250 hospitals and physician groups joined the Obama administration's accountable care program and have shown early success. Article

> New York hospitals will play a crucial role in Mayor Michael Bloomberg's $20 billion plan to protect the city from the effects of climate change--a strategy he developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which forced the closure of five acute care hospitals and one psychiatric hospital and the emergency evacuation of nearly 2,000 patients. Article

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> Looking to successful consumer-oriented companies like Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble can help insurers survive the transition to and thrive within the evolving health insurance market. That's why Cigna has "expanded extensively" its direct-to-consumer data to include, for example, consumer preferences, purchasing habits, demographic information and retail purchasing choices, Joan Kennedy, Cigna's vice president of consumer health engagement, told FierceHealthPayer. Article

And Finally… I do love cheese, but don't cry over spilled beer. Article


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