Fla. researchers examine 11M records for drug effects

Working with anonymized claims data from 11 million Humana enrollees, University of Miami researchers will begin work on a study of unexpected drug interactions and dangerous prescribing practices. The project's approach isn't unusual, but this is one of the largest databases used in recent memory. What makes it more noteworthy is that the data analysis project mirrors what pharmaceutical firms are being pressured to do, but often aren't doing, with already-approved drugs.

Researchers working on the study will look at various factors that aren't always accounted for in pharmaceutical company studies, including patients having multiple illnesses, taking 10 plus drugs at a time, taking drugs incorrectly or failing to take them at all.

University of Miami physicians, who already have been using the data informally for about a year, released a study this week concluding stent-related heart attacks might be due to patients' stopping blood thinners too early.

To learn more about this project:
- read this article from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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