Feds using sophisticated computers to combat Medicare fraud; Telemedicine can boost care for patients receiving anticoagulant treatments;

> New sophisticated computer systems that are similar to those used by credit card companies for detecting financial fraud are helping the feds to crack down on instances of Medicare fraud, according to a post on NPR's health blog Shots. According to NPR, Congress plans to spend $340 million in additional funding for government anti-fraud efforts. Post

> The use of telemedicine has the potential to improve care for patients receiving anticoagulant treatments at primary healthcare centers, according to a study published this month in the Journal of Telemdicine and Telecare. Swedish researchers conducting the study found that telemedicine helped in reducing the total processing time for International Normalized Ratio monitoring. Abstract

> The West Wireless Health Institute got a new face and a new name. The organization announced last week that former Johnson & Johnson executive Nicholas Valeriani will take over as CEO of what now will be called the West Health Institute. Post

And Finally… I don't see a Red Ryder BB Gun in his future. Article


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