DataSource Mobility Helps Customers Manage the Changes within Healthcare Reform

DataSource Mobility Helps Customers Manage the Changes within Healthcare Reform

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With an aging population and an increase in chronic diseases, there is a strong need for the adoption of telehealth to better manage healthcare expenses. Telehealth provides patients with the necessary tools to better manage chronic diseases, which can lead to more positive patient outcomes. Through monitoring and compliance a telehealth solution addresses the issue of readmissions and the associated costs.

has partnered with to provide customers with a robust telehealth solution that addresses the needs of providers, insurers and patients. Parental Health’s platform is a cost-effective software solution designed to assist patients in their care and recovery, and also provide clinicians with greater insight into their patient’s recovery and compliance. These capabilities of the MISTY platform help reduce readmissions and healthcare expenses.

MISTY is a perfect fit for Home Healthcare, Hospitals, Continuum of Care Living Facilities, Long-term Care Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers and Insurance Payers.

The benefits of MISTY include:

There are many other benefits to the Parental Health partnership, including how DataSource Mobility is helping customers address the changes in healthcare reform. Beginning October 2012, hospitals that historically have high readmission rates will be financially penalized by Medicare. According to the , it’s estimated that patient readmission expenses are approximately $9,500 per patient, per readmit, which would be absorbed by the healthcare facility.

There are a variety of hardware configurations available to meet the needs of the patient, the facility and the insurer. Contact DataSource Mobility at 931.266.4242 or to order the software or to create a custom solution. For more information visit

Specializes in best-in-class technology solutions across a variety of industries. They have an emphasis and expertise in computing, communications, hardware, accessories, consulting and professional services—all designed and orchestrated to deliver increased performance and higher satisfaction for today’s mobile enterprise.

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