Survey: Most health organizations seek reliable cardiovascular info system


Nearly half the organizations responding to a new Peer60 survey are looking to replace their cardiovascular information system (CVIS) in the near future. At the same time, they’re not overly enthusiastic about other solutions on the market.

They’re looking for a reliable, easy-to-use system for collecting patient data, including images and video, and helping providers by offering detailed, personalized outcome analysis. But from the cardiologist to the imaging director and the chief information officer, no one is ecstatic about the overall CVIS experience, according to the report.

While the views of cardiologists themselves often are overlooked in the procurement process, they’re an important group for vendors to court with improved usability and patient experience. Their views are likely to be heard, though, only if they’re vocal enough, Peer60 reports.

Interestingly enough, cardiologists in the survey rated interoperability less important than customer service and features such as robust reporting capabilities.

As for the top vendors for such systems, the report found that GE’s scored well with chiefs of cardiology, while Philips saw approval by CV directors and managers.

One-size-fits-all enterprise electronic health record solutions are in vogue among IT leaders looking to reduce the number of systems they have to manage--and they’re willing to bypass marginally better systems to get the big-box package, according to the survey.

That poses a threat to smaller, niche offerings. The smaller players are likely to win out only through major innovations or markedly higher customer service, according to the report.

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