Creative approaches necessary to recruit youths for Internet diabetes research programs; Tweets deliver prenatal care information;

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> A study published this week in the Journal of Medical Internet Research compares "the demographic and clinical characteristics of youth with Type 1 diabetes on recruitment, participation, and satisfaction with two eHealth psychoeducational programs." Researchers concluded that creative approaches are necessary in recruiting all different types of youth to enroll in Internet-based research and eHealth programs, but participants showed satisfaction with the programs once enrolled. Study

> A hospital in Washington state is embracing Twitter as platform to engage pregnant women in two different Spanish- and multilingual- speaking counties, Healthcare IT News reported. The low-income areas don't have many resources, but they have social media accounts and smartphones, and using social media gives them access to prenatal care information and other vital health tips. Article

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> Opportunities exist for mHealth to play a critical role in low- and middle-income countries where community health workers deliver integrated community case management to children sick with malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea, according to a Journal of Medical Internet Research study. Article

> Researchers at the University of California Irvine have developed a smartphone app that allows people to safely store and use their DNA on a mobile device, holding great promise in the rapidly growing area of personalized medicine, according to a university article. Article

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> The Wisconsin state medical board is facing criticism that the state fails to discipline doctors who make mistakes, according to a special report by the Wisconsin State Journal. Article

> Olean (N.Y.) General Hospital last week announced that almost 2,000 patients may have received an injection from another patient's insulin pen. After the infection scare involving more than 700 patients at Buffalo Veterans Administration Medical Center earlier this month, Olean General initiated its own internal review, President and CEO Timothy Finan told WBFO News. Article

And Finally... "Don't Honk" signs are gone but the law is not forgotten. Article