CMS unveils interactive compliance map on website; Nurse fired for comments posted online after fatal motorcycle crash;

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently launched an interactive compliance map on its website that provides on demand contact information for doctors who need to get in touch with individuals like recovery audit contractors. Map

> The United States is not any slower with regard to the approval of medical devices than Europe, a perspective piece published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes. "A review of the data, using appropriate end points, suggests instead that it takes the same amount of time or less for patients to gain access to innovative, high-risk medical devices … largely because patient access is generally delayed until reimbursement decisions are made, which often takes substantially longer in Europe than in the United States," the authors wrote. Perspective

> A nurse was fired from her job at Yuma (Ariz.) Regional Medical Center after posting comments on an article about a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and an ambulance that appeared online at The nurse, Angela Gusta, wrote that if the ambulance was on a run with its lights or siren on, the blame should lie with the motorcyclist. Gusta wrote that she had "no pity for anyone hit" by ambulances, police officers or fire fighters, and added "get out of the way." Article

And Finally… I would have hung up after about two minutes. Article