CMIOs, nurses want medical device integration with EMRs

HIMSS Analytics has released a research report, sponsored by medical device technology company Capsule, that examines the evolving roles of chief medical information officers and chief nursing officers and how they view medical device integration with electronic medical records.

Based on a focus group of CMIOs at the 2011 HIMSS convention and a later conference call of CNOs, HIMSS Analytics reports these findings on the changes in clinical IT executives' roles:

  • CMIOs indicated that their most basic job function is to bridge the gap between clinical needs and IT.
  • CNOs and senior nursing executives said that their roles have evolved to include departments outside of nursing.
  • Senior nursing executives also noted that they are involved in more strategic organizational meetings than they used to be.
  • CMIOs recognized the important connection with senior nursing executives and physicians, and indicated that they have frequent contact with other C-level executives within the hospital.

In regard to the other topic of interest, HIMSS Analytics said, "Many respondents noted that medical device integration is a key solution on the road to achieving a fully functional, integrated EMR environment and a major priority in the next several years."

Specifically, the research arm of HIMSS made these observations:

  • Both groups of executives cited the important role of medical device integration in driving EMR adoption and effectiveness. Some executives noted that EMR implementations without device integration are "foolish" because increasing the workload of nurses can result in decreased adoption of EMRs.
  • Some CMIOs suggested that in the next one to four years, they will integrate medical devices with their EMRs. These CMIOs said that it's not possible to create a complete EMR unless it includes data generated from devices.
  • Medical devices play an important role in meeting nurses' priorities for improving patient care.
  • Respondents reported that integrating medical devices is a priority in order to ensure that documentation is more comprehensive, reducing the likelihood of medical errors. 

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