Clintegrity 360: Computer-Assisted Coding Report Shows Nuance Excels in Customer Support, Quality, and Timely Implementations for ICD-10 Transition

KLAS Customer Feedback Demonstrates High Confidence in Nuance’s Coding and Billing Accuracy and Regulatory Compliance

Clintegrity 360: Computer-Assisted Coding Report Shows Nuance Excels in Customer Support, Quality, and Timely Implementations for ICD-10 Transition

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, today announced that customers using report high customer confidence and satisfaction levels in Nuance’s quality and timeliness of implementations, customer support, and ICD-10 readiness according to customer feedback provided to .

A lack of timely vendor upgrades and coding resources are among the top external threats providers face to a successful ICD-10 implementation, according to a . Many vendors are lagging behind in developing and releasing ICD-10-ready products or lack the resources to help healthcare providers adhere to the necessary changes and test them in time. in on-time implementations, and quality of training and implementation for coding solutions – factors increasingly important to U.S. healthcare providers as they prepare for ICD-10. Organizations big and small face a profound financial impact if employees are not properly prepared to ensure accuracy of clinical documentation and coding of patient care under ICD-10.

Clintegrity 360 | Coding was the first encoder on the market capable of dual coding in ICD-9 and and customers are expressing confidence in their readiness for the transition. According to KLAS findings, customers show a high level of satisfaction in product performance and trust in Nuance in helping them achieve HIPAA and ICD-10 compliance.

“…We are very happy with our relationship with Nuance and with how the product works. It saves us a lot of time and money. We looked at other vendors, like 3M and OptumInsight, but their costs were higher and we didn’t hear glowing reviews about them. We felt like Nuance had the best solution for our needs.”- VP/Other Executive.

“Clintegrity (Quantim) Coding is a workhorse. We have had it for many years and it continues to perform very well. I do not worry about HIPAA and ICD-10 because Nuance is always on top of things. They have proven this to us time and time again.” – Director.

“…The system is accustomed to how coders learn to code in school. It has always worked and I have never had problems with it. Since 1993, I have only had to call technical support one time.” – Manager.

Nuance’s Computer-Assisted Coding solution is part of the larger offering that provides customers with a single, web-based platform for computer-assisted clinical documentation improvement (CDI), coding, compliance and quality. This intelligent system revolutionizes the clinical documentation process with a simpler, end-to-end solution that provides a more natural and efficient way for clinicians to rapidly create more complete and compliant clinical documentation within their existing workflow while simultaneously improving coding and downstream revenue cycle and quality reporting processes.

“It’s very rewarding to see that Nuance’s leadership and commitment to quality and support in our revenue cycle business is recognized by our customers and reflected in KLAS research,” said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance Healthcare. “With our Clintegrity solution, Nuance is reinventing the clinical documentation improvement and coding process, just as we did with the transcription industry using our speech enabled solutions such as , and .”

Nuance is the market leader in creating clinical understanding solutions that drive smart, efficient decisions across healthcare. More than 500,000 physicians and 10,000 healthcare facilities worldwide leverage Nuance’s award-winning, voice-enabled clinical documentation and analytics solutions to support the physician in any clinical workflow and on any device.

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