Ceiba Solutions Honored as Recipient of the 2013 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Awards

Life Sciences Company Recognized for its Successful Self-service Analytics Work

Ceiba Solutions Honored as Recipient of the 2013 Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Awards

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, a provider of services, products, and information analytics for life sciences, today announced it has been named a recipient of the 2013 Microsoft Corp.’s Life Sciences Innovation Awards. The company was recognized in partnership with a major pharmaceutical company for their work leveraging Ceiba’s self-service data exploration and analysis software, .

The awards, which were announced at the Drug Information Association’s (DIA) 49th annual meeting in Boston, honor companies that are using Microsoft solutions to realize business and information technology benefits.

“Today, the life sciences industry is tasked with not only bringing new therapies to the market faster, but doing so at a lower cost,” said Andrea McGonigle, managing director, Life Sciences, Microsoft Corp. “The winners of this year’s Innovation Awards all faced that challenge head on, demonstrating sustainable impacts to the life sciences industry through the use of innovative technology.”

Helium helps users address Big Data issues by connecting data and analytical services across sources. This information is then made available within Microsoft Office and Windows 8 apps. The pharmaceutical company leveraged Helium to connect its customer relationship management (CRM), medical professional, prescription, and multi-channel marketing data. As a result, complex, cross-source data browsing and analysis that previously took hours or days, or was impossible to do, can now be done in minutes – all within well-known, easy-to-use Microsoft interfaces.

Helium's unique data-typing mechanism identifies selected data and recommends meaningful ways to connect that data to related data and data services across sources. This ability to explore a mesh of relationships within popular user tools like Excel not only enhances productivity, but drives innovative thinking around previously unrealized connections.

“In any organization, the sheer volume of data is overwhelming. The information available offers a huge opportunity for insightful analysis – if you can just access it together,” said Tom Arneman, president, Ceiba Solutions. “Helium is unique in how it seamlessly integrates sources and makes data connections in a familiar tool, and it’s great to be recognized by Microsoft as an innovative solution.”

provides managed services, products and information analytics dedicated to helping the Life Sciences maximize the value of information. As the only company focused on providing high quality, onsite IT support inside the modern laboratory, its managed services offerings are uniquely positioned to help researchers maintain focus on the business of science and decision making. Ceiba’s powerful analytics and services platforms provide easy to use self-service analytics and social monitoring services designed to help customers tap the potential of the Big Data age. Ceiba's customers include major pharmaceutical companies and world-renowned research institutions.