Ceiba Solutions Enables R&D Laboratories to Meet Increasingly Complex IT and Information Management Challenges

Portfolio of IT Managed Services, Solutions and Analytics Fills Growing Needs at the Intersection of Science and IT

Ceiba Solutions Enables R&D Laboratories to Meet Increasingly Complex IT and Information Management Challenges

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Addressing the needs of R&D laboratories to free scientists from time consuming IT and information management responsibilities, today formally introduced its portfolio of Information Innovation Solutions. Developed through years of experience working with the world’s leading life sciences R&D organizations, the solutions span three areas that can erode scientists’ productivity: IT infrastructure management, multi-vendor application service and support, and information analytics. By relying on Ceiba, R&D organizations can streamline operations and free scientists to spend more time on research and other core activities related to bringing new products to market faster.

“Scientists need to be able to focus on the challenges of science and Ceiba’s lab IT managed service helps them do it,” said Kevin Granfield, director R&D IT, Biogen Idec. “Ceiba manages and takes ownership of every aspect of our lab IT operations including break fix, end-user relationships, administrative oversight of Lab IT personnel, SLAs, and reporting. Ceiba’s expertise in the lab environment helps our IT department deliver value added strategic and tactical initiatives across the R&D organization.”

Today’s life sciences lab environment is faced with new challenges and opportunities that require better control over IT infrastructure, applications and information. Increased complexity is pushing organizations to seek outside help, only to find that traditional IT managed service providers lack a grasp of the unique aspects of lab IT. At the same time, scientists face budget pressure and an overload of research data that requires harnessing. Despite an increase in the size, type and sources of data available, existing solutions remain siloed and complex – leaving data untouched or useless. Scientists are left to fend for themselves without the support of IT technicians who are knowledgeable about their world.

To address the unique challenges of lab IT, Ceiba provides a comprehensive offering of specialized lab IT services. Determined to eliminate process work for scientists and enable more science, Ceiba is the only company focused on IT support inside the R&D lab. Ceiba offers customers a team of dedicated, onsite biopharma experts that understand complex interconnections between IT and R&D equipment. These teams are responsible for daily IT operations, including maintenance and trouble-shooting, for lab computer systems.

Ceiba works with customers across the biopharma, healthcare, government and academic sectors, including 7 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. The company focuses on areas of service delivery that optimize scientific operations performance:

Microsoft’s sun setting of support for its XP operating system in 2014 is a prime example of an immediate platform issue that R&D labs are dealing with right now. Life science companies have made significant investments in running their systems on XP. The end of its support will threaten operations until system migrations and integrations with scientific equipment are up to date. This is one example of Ceiba’s work with Microsoft in life sciences and one of the reasons for Microsoft’s identification of Ceiba as a .

“Our goal is to optimize performance and help scientists deliver better quality science – faster,” said Warren Casey, CEO, Ceiba. “By relying on Ceiba, R&D teams have more time to innovate and better utilize information assets to advance the industry and accelerate the discovery and development of new products.”

To support improved business decision making in R&D, Ceiba offers two analytics products to help life science companies leverage data assets. integrates various databases across an enterprise to present available data consistently and serve as a single source repository. is a socialytics platform that monitors and analyzes social media channels for specified insights and pushes notifications to email. General availability of these solutions will be available in the coming months.

provides managed services, products and information analytics dedicated to helping the Life Sciences maximize the value of information. As the only company focused on providing high quality, onsite IT support inside the modern laboratory, its managed services offerings are uniquely positioned to help researchers maintain focus on the business of science and decision making. Ceiba’s powerful analytics and services platforms provide easy to use self-service analytics and social monitoring services designed to help customers tap the potential of the Big Data age. Ceiba's customers include major pharmaceutical companies and world-renowned research institutions.

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