CDC Leverages QuantiaMD to Enhance Communication with Physicians around Important Clinical Guidelines

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, the largest social learning and collaboration platform for physicians, has joined with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in a non-exclusive agreement to deliver presentations around a variety of new or updated guidelines. By distilling the guidelines into expert-led, interactive segments across topic areas on QuantiaMD, over 180,000 physicians, including thousands of primary care physicians, now have access to important CDC health information that is critical to their practice. Beyond the educational aspects of this collaboration, QuantiaMD’s social functionality enables the CDC to interact with and learn from physicians nationwide to help improve its health information and guidelines.

QuantiaMD presentations, featuring CDC experts, cover key infectious disease topics such as recommendations for the identification of chronic and management, with a forthcoming piece focusing on Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Thousands of physicians have already participated in the presentations and many have provided feedback. One QuantiaMD member commented that the content greatly increased his “ while another stated the presentation “”. A third physician described one of the presentations as a

“We are thrilled that the CDC has joined an ever-growing group of leading public and private institutions that understand the impact and effectiveness of presenting their content on QuantiaMD,” said Mike Coyne, CEO of QuantiaMD. “With 180,000 members spending an average of 45 minutes per week learning from each other on QuantiaMD, there is no better way to reach physicians with meaningful content that comes directly from the source.”

CDC presentations on QuantiaMD are truly interactive as participating physicians can help each other learn via comments, discussions and ratings. Using QuantiaMD’s private messaging feature, physicians also have the ability to contact CDC experts directly with questions and feedback.

QuantiaMD, the largest social learning and collaboration platform for physicians, is transforming the way healthcare is delivered. By applying the latest social technologies to medicine, QuantiaMD is modernizing how physicians work together and interact with the major participants in healthcare, including hospitals, ACOs and life sciences companies. On QuantiaMD, 180,000+ physicians share real-life experiences from clinical practices nationwide, in minutes, and engage directly with healthcare institutions to meet a variety of objectives that reduce costs and improve the quality of care. Built from the ground up for how physicians practice today, QuantiaMD’s scalable platform is fully mobile, secure and easy-to-use. To learn more, visit . For client solutions, visit .

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