Case study: St. Louis system offers PHR

Here at FierceHealthIT, we're not sure what a PHR actually is. (And we suspect many of our readers aren't clear either.) However, that didn't stop a St. Louis-area health system from developing and rolling out its own version. BJC HealthCare, a large nonprofit system, developed a PHR two years ago as a benefit for the system's employees. The idea was to make sure that events happening outside the doctor's office, including flu shots, urgent care visits or health screenings, were documented somewhere.

The application, named myHealthFolders, is managed completely by the employee, and can handle information not only on the employee, but also spouses, children, parents and other family members. The PHR is available to both current and past employees for life. In addition to offering myHealth Folders to its employees, BJC has also offered access to local companies. More than 20 businesses and associations have taken BJC up on this offer.

To learn more about BJC's PHR offering:
- read this St. Louis Post-Dispatch article

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