ARBA Retail Systems Saves Migration Time and Money for Customers

<0> ARBA Retail Systems Saves Migration Time and Money for Customers </0>

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ARBA Retail Systems, a leading provider of Point of Sale (POS) systems with cashless payment methods for retail, corporate and healthcare industries announced today a data migration offering that simplifies and speeds the process for upgrading customers from their legacy ARBAPRO POS Inventory Control software product suite. This offering automates the migration process, and gets data quickly available for use in the retail environment.

Every IT professional knows that migration projects are challenging, without exception. Most service providers estimate high costs for the migration of code and production level testing. Even with the best planning, issues often continue for about one or two years post migration. ARBA Retail Systems has developed a migration tool at no cost to the customer which is leveraged when needed to transition clients to new software versions, saving clients time and money. Built on the Microsoft .NET SQL solutions framework, the ARBAPRO Version 11 Solution Suite is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

Migration of any POS System can be an expensive proposition, especially if the system has been running on XP for many years. With Microsoft no longer supporting Windows XP after April 8, 2014, action must be taken to move to Windows 7 or Windows 8 and avoid exposure to potential risks. Many customers of ARBA Retail Systems have successfully upgraded their ARBAPRO POS applications to Windows 7 compatible versions. Through the use of ARBA’s migration tool, these migrations have been affordable and successful projects. After migration, ARBA customers enjoy better user experience, improved PC security and management, and easier system maintenance and support.

The process begins with an assessment of the customer’s database currently is use. The data migration is performed to export the legacy data, and import the data into ARBAPRO 11. Testing is key to the success of the project, and ensures the integrity of data on hand quantities is maintained.

Overall, migration has resulted in a lower total cost of ownership for ARBA clients, as well as the ability to take advantage of the latest technology trends.

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