Andy Slavitt heads to Silicon Valley to push for investments in Medicaid IT

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt is continuing his efforts to get health IT companies and investors to invest in the Medicaid program with a visit this week to Silicon Valley.

In January, Slavitt announced CMS would invest more in Medicaid IT, funneling $5 billion a year into helping states improve their systems. This week, he is participating in a forum to make good on that plan, meeting with state governments and tech companies to see how IT can improve care delivery, Slavitt writes in a blog post.

"While there are 56 different state, district, and territorial Medicaid programs, there is a lot of commonality in their IT needs. This industry is primed for a new era--Software as a Service software--that has real-time capabilities and requirements and federal sponsorship for a 90 percent match on qualifying IT investments," he says. Post