Aegis Health Group Partners with Sierra Providence Health Network on Healthy Worksite Initiative for Local Employers

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has selected as its partner to bring worksite health and wellness programs to employers throughout El Paso. Using Aegis’ turnkey , the health system’s four hospitals will begin immediately working with local employers to improve the health of their workforces, which has demonstrated success in lowering health-related costs.

Sierra Providence Health Network serves El Paso and surrounding communities through Providence Memorial Hospital, Sierra Medical Center, Sierra Providence East Medical Center, and Providence Children’s Hospital as well as various outpatient facilities. Together these acute-care hospitals have nearly 1,000 beds and offer a broad spectrum of medical and surgical services for adults and children. To further its commitment to community health, the new worksite wellness initiative aims to:

“We are excited to bring such a robust worksite health initiative to our local employer community,” said Eric Evans, CEO of Providence Memorial and Sierra Medical Center. “More than ever before employers are looking for ways to improve the health of the workforce. Together we can motivate employees to become healthier and more productive, which lowers healthcare costs and impacts business growth.”

“This partnership not only provides invaluable information, educational resources and motivational tools to our employer partners but also offers each employee something they can share with their individual families.” Sally Deitch, CEO for Sierra Providence East Medical Center added, “In the long run this helps employees form healthier lifestyle behaviors, which will allow them to succeed both personally and professionally.”

include online health information that provides highly relevant messages and hospital education materials; personal health profiles, surveys for the employees that gather demographic information, health history and selected biometric data; personal health reports, which identify individual health risks based on the information collected from the survey; database software that allows the hospital to send specific health-related messages to the right consumers; and HR Insight, a program that enables employers to calculate what their health-related costs would be if employees’ health risks are left unchecked.

“Hospitals of every size can benefit from an employer-directed health program,” said Pearson Talbert, president and CEO of Aegis Health Group. “As a growing number of business leaders are looking for ways to reduce their healthcare costs, hospitals must make sure that they are top of mind and ready to deliver programs like these or risk ceding this role to a health plan or private company outside of the community.”

For more than 20 years, Aegis Health Group has helped hundreds of hospitals build lasting relationships with their two most important audiences: favorably insured consumers and physicians. By targeting local employers Aegis enables hospitals to attract market share and grow revenues. Its physician relationship management strategy fosters measurably stronger and mutually beneficial relationships between hospitals and medical staffs. Further information is available at .

The Sierra Providence Health Network includes the hospitals of Providence Memorial Hospital, Providence Children's Hospital, Sierra Medical Center and Sierra Providence East Medical Center. The network also offers a wide range of outpatient services including Sierra Providence TotalCare, Sierra Providence Urgent Care Centers, Sierra Providence Trawood Center and ER, Sierra Teen and Women’s Center, Wound Care Centers and Sierra Providence Sleep Disorders Center.

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