raises $8.4M in funding; 3-D printed organs can help diabetes patients;

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> Care coordinator platform raised $8.4 million in funding to grow product development. The company was created to "manage the complex interactions across care teams, driving teams toward common goals," according to CEO Ted Quinn. Announcement

> Researchers at Binghamton University are using 3-D printing technology to make implantable tissues and organs with a goal of treating incurable diseases, such as diabetes, the school announced this week. The researchers are working to grow a model of a pancreas as well as make new cells that can produce insulin. Announcement

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> Mobile developers aren't taking low-vision users into consideration when creating mHealth apps, according to a study conducted by University of Washington researchers. Article

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> Many finance-savvy patients are eschewing emergency rooms in favor of urgent care, expecting it will save them money. Yet they are still getting hit by surprise medical bills. Article

> Private equity funds are scouring the landscape of Texas, looking for medical groups and practices as potential investment vehicles. Article

And Finally... Yup, never ever doing this. Article