ACA spurring HIT innovation in Georgia; Navy fast tracks records scanning system;

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> The Affordable Care Act is spurring the healthcare technology job market, especially in Georgia, even though its political leaders have opposed healthcare reform at every turn, according to a report from Kaiser Health News. "We like to say [Georgia] is the health IT capital of the nation," Tino Mantella, who heads to Technology Association of Georgia, says. "There are 20,000 technology companies in the state." Article

> The U.S. Navy fast-tracked its records scanning system over the holidays, according to Nextgov, which reported that the process involved an interim sole source contract and system tests during the last two weeks of December and into the New Year. Article

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> As general health of the American population falls in comparison to other developed nations and the cost of healthcare skyrockets, a recent report by the State Health Care Cost Containment Commission says governors and state legislatures are in the best position to lead change. Article

> The Affordable Care Act is certain to prompt significant hiring among healthcare and related industries to comply with the law's provisions, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. The healthcare reform law law could account for one-third of the 4.6 million jobs the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies projects will be added to the healthcare industry over the next 10 years, the paper reported. Article

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> Hospitals are ill-equipped to attend to learning-disabled patients' needs, leading to longer waits and mishandled treatment, according to a new study from the United Kingdom. Researchers analyzed the state of care for learning-disabled patients using questionnaires, observations and interviews involving management, clinicians and patients within the National Health Service (NHS). Article

And Finally... Don't play with fire unless you're equipped with beer. Article