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At FierceHealthIT, we love our readers. And now we have even more of you to love: We're proud to announce that our daily newsletter has reached the 50,000 subscriber mark. In fact, we surpassed it.

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So what stories have kept readers reading, commenting and clicking? We've pulled together a list of some of the stories that were most popular with readers over the past two years.

And now, a word from your peers
One of our goals here at FierceHealthIT (and at our sister publications, including FierceHealthcare) is to bring you more original coverage of the industry. And that includes original interviews with industry leaders. Here are just a few of the more popular Q&A's we've published this year:

Hospital CIOs: If I could do one thing over ...
WellPoint's Ian Bonnet on partnering with providers to ensure smooth ICD-10 transition
Health system CIO Donna Staton discusses barriers to Meaningful Use patient engagement rules
Health system CIO Mike Mistretta: How data saves money, changes habits in the OR
Texas Health Care's James Parker: Physicians need to 'shepherd' Meaningful Use
Fierce Q&A: Intermountain CMIO Stanley Huff calls Meaningful Use an 'all-or-nothing bet'
Todd Park: More can, should be done to capture unique EHR safety issues
Evan Steele: Dealing with government health IT regulations is 'like playing chess'
CIO Drexel DeFord: ICD-10 'could put us out of business if we don't get it right'

Who says CEOs have all the fun?
You may or may not have heard that the Supreme Court upheld key provisions of the healthcare reform law this summer. And although most news outlets (including us) covered the ruling from the point-of-view of providers and payers, the ruling also had a huge impact on the healthcare technology industry, as we explored in a series of articles:

Supreme Court decision a huge win for health IT
Health reform ruling reinforces importance of health IT, CIOs say
Fierce Q&A: ACA ruling will accelerate EHR adoption
Winners and losers in the health reform ruling
Deloitte's Paul Keckley on reform, data-sharing and political wrangling

If it's Friday, CMS is probably making a big announcement
It's no surprise that health IT leaders have regulations on their minds. After all, the roadmap of government-induced programs is mind-boggling. From Meaningful Use incentives to ICD-10 coding changes to everything CMS, our readers have a lot on their plates. Here's what you've been reading:

ICD-10 gets one-year delay from CMS
ICD-10 delay draws mixed reviews from stakeholders
CMS unveils final rule for Stage 2 of Meaningful Use
Providers, associations react to Meaningful Use Stage 2 final rule
State frets federal health IT funds aren't worth the headache
CMS e-prescribing proposal slammed over physician penalties
FDA 101: The skinny on hospital app regulation

Nothing comes between me and my iPhone
For an industry that's often accused of having fuddy duddy tendencies, healthcare is sure catching up in the area of online and mobile. From apps to smartphones, our health techies are no different from their peers in other industries when it comes to reading about the cool new thing:   

10 big pharma smartphone apps for patients and providers
91% of docs want mobile-enabled EHRs
New bag of ED tricks includes iPhone, iPad and Toy Story 3
How the iPhone set the bar for other smartphones in healthcare
Cleveland Clinic's e-tools enable coordinated care

The Internet is only partly made of cats
Think social media has jumped the shark? Our readers beg to differ. They still love to read about how they can use Facebook, Twitter and other online social platforms to build relationships with patients, the community and each other. Among our top stories:

11 faces to follow in healthcare social media
6 physician social networks at a glance
10 Healthcare bloggers we're thankful for
9 healthcare bloggers worth a click
5 YouTube healthcare videos worth watching

You may have noticed from the above list that our readers also seem to like numbers. Well, we like them, too. Thanks again to our 50,000 subscribers. Keep reading--and don't forget to join us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (We like social media, too.) - Gienna (@Gienna)


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