A&D Medical Launches Its WellnessConnected® Platform

A&D Medical Launches Its WellnessConnected® Platform

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For consumers and the healthcare providers and loved ones who care for them, , the worldwide leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices and services, today launched its ®platform to help people monitor their physical activity and better manage their health.

WellnessConnected is the first complete, connected health system with built-in sharing capabilities that offer both the simplicity and affordability to meet the needs of consumers, as well as also the security and precision demanded by healthcare providers.

A&D’s WellnessConnected system combines the company’s new Bluetooth Smart-enabled health monitoring devices, A&D Connect mobile app, and cloud-based personal account, to give individuals and organizations the tools to track progress toward healthy living goals. It is a complete health and wellness platform to connect consumers with their healthcare providers, for even greater insight into their health.

“Rising healthcare costs and an increase in the incidence of chronic disease are incentivizing more health conscious consumers, as well as their families, employers, and healthcare providers to find and incorporate tools that support a healthier lifestyle,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, President and CEO of A&D Medical. “The release of our new WellnessConnected platform is in direct response to those evolving needs of the marketplace.”

The Wellness Connected Bluetooth Smart devices consist of weight scales and blood pressure monitors, as well as the LifeTrak family of activity trackers from Salutron. All devices easily connect to Bluetooth-Smart enabled iOS and Android mobile devices, and the suite of products provide diagnostic readings such as blood pressure, weight, BMI, steps taken and calories burned. That data is transmitted through a user’s smart mobile devices to his/her personal account on A&D’s secure cloud, and can then be shared with physicians, other care givers, and loved ones directly via email or social media or through an A&D partner API.

The new WellnessConnected app – A&D Connect – is designed to enhance the end-user experience with engaging and easy-to-use features such as graphing, trending, unlimited memory, reminders, and goal setting. Available free of charge through Apple’s app store and soon to be on Google Play, there is also a social component, letting users share what they choose through mediums such as Facebook and Twitter.

The flexibility of the A&D Wellness Connected framework allows wellness and healthcare partners to customize an end-to-end solution with the A&D Medical app SDK and cloud API. The cloud API provides a programming interface making it easy to connect to a web portal, third party cloud (cloud-to-cloud) or other back-end monitoring solutions.

“This new product offering leverages our extensive experience in delivering connected products to the healthcare industry,” said Mr. Duesterhoeft. “With WellnessConnected, now we can also meet the needs of consumers who are seeking better ways to track and manage their health-related goals.”

Since 1977, A&D Medical has manufactured and distributed a full line of advanced biometric monitoring solutions including blood pressure monitors, weight scales, activity trackers, and other health monitoring devices for consumer and professional use. A&D Medical is the worldwide leader in connected health and biometric measurement devices and services for consumer wellness and chronic condition management, marketing under the A&D brand globally and also the LifeSource brand in North America. A&D Medical is a division of A&D Company, a global manufacturer of measurement equipment, with operations in Asia, Europe, Australia, Russia, North America, and South America.

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