$10K grant rewards providers who use HIT to improve care; UAE brands itself an innovation hub;

> Medical publisher Elsevier will award a $10,000 grant to a U.S.-based hospital, medical school or institution that has demonstrated the most innovative use of information and technology to save lives and improve patient care. "Both information and technology are critically important to healthcare and many times make the difference between life and death," Jim Donohue, managing director, said in a statement. "Through this program, our goal is to recognize and honor those organizations that have significantly contributed to elevating positive patient outcomes through the power of information and the innovative use of technology." Announcement

> The United Arab Emirates is intensifying its efforts to increase availability of medical technologies and drugs. Officials from the UAE Ministry of Health spoke about the potential for the UAE to be a hub of innovation during the opening of a two-day medical conference on Wednesday. Article

> A meta-analysis found mobile devices are an effective means for positively influencing physical activity, according to an article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, FierceMobileHealthcare reports. Researchers in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign said the study is the "first to synthesize current research focused on the use of mobile devices for increasing physical activity." Article


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