Seriously hilarious (or hilariously serious) advice on working in hospitals

Last week, I asked for advice on working in a hospital. I just got this from an anonymous source, and it was just too politically incorrect not to post:

Working in a hospital is NOT like college. It's like high school. In fact, most of the time, it's like junior high school.

Some of the physicians are socially challenged. They are locked up for 12 or more years in college, medical school, residencies or fellowships where they are completely removed from the real world. Unbelievable pressure is placed on them, and then they are set free and told to "Be normal." Hah.

Over the years several of them actually start to believe that they are truly responsible for all human life. They forget about the merits of good drugs, good technology, good nurses and good luck, and think that they did it. Add on top of that they they can make tons of money and BINGO . . . "How many (fill in the blank) surgeons does it take to change a light bulb? One. They hold their hand in the air and the world revolves around it."

Some of the administrators need drugs for mental problems, too. In fact, the truth is more do than don't. I worked for five CEO's who had one thing in common. They were all on mood altering drugs: anti-depressants, lithium, you name it. One of them drank 32 cups of coffee between 9AM and 2PM everyday.

At least ten percent of the employees act like BABIES: bitchy, immature, gossips. They are just MEAN. Watch your back.

In summary, enjoy. It's the worst job I've ever had.