Employer groups urge hospitals, ASCs to participate in Leapfrog safety surveys

National employer groups are urging hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to participate in the Leapfrog Group's safety grades.

The Health Transformation Alliance, ERISA Industry Committee, National Alliance of Health Care Purchaser Coalitions and the Business Group on Health sent joint letters to hospitals and ASCs across the country on Tuesday, pushing those facilities to participate in Leapfrog's surveys.

The groups represent more than 12,000 employers with more than 55 million workers, and they said they hope the letter sends a message about how much they value high-value and quality healthcare.

"As organizations that speak out for America's employers, who invest significantly in the health and well-being of employees, we feel that participation in Leapfrog Surveys is vital to achieving real progress towards a safer, higher-quality, more transparent health care system for all," said Ellen Kelsay, president and CEO of the Business Group on Health, in a statement.

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The deadline for providers to participate in these surveys is July 31, according to the letters. The groups said that they will benefit from and appreciate the transparency provided by the survey results.

Leapfrog's surveys provide "unique data that matters most to employers and purchasers," the groups said.

"Our members look forward to consulting results from the Leapfrog Hospital and ASC Surveys to help employees make important decisions about their health care and to inform benefit designs and contracting," said Lee Lewis, chief strategy officer and GM Medical of Health Transformation Alliance.

"Leapfrog gives us critical data on quality and safety employers cannot get anywhere else," Lewis said.