VIDEO: FierceHealthcare discusses which changes will stick from COVID-19 pandemic

Beyond wearing face masks, much has changed in healthcare delivery from the ability to have patients in waiting rooms to a massive shift to telemedicine. (Getty/Juanmonino)

As even the most mundane habits have been disrupted by efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps no industry has felt the changes so keenly.

Doctors have had to make routine medical visits mostly virtual, having patients who do require an in-person appointment wait in their cars rather than in a waiting room. Hospitals have had to cancel elective procedures, clearing out capacity for a surge of patients that might or might not materialize. Payers have had to change their reimbursements while health IT companies have had to ramp up their capabilities in short order.

FierceHealthcare's team recently met—remotely—to talk about some of the biggest shifts in healthcare and which changes might be here to stay.

What changes have you been seeing in your corner of the healthcare world? Which changes do you think are here for the long run? Let us know at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you.