VIDEO: FierceHealthcare discusses healthcare companies' Q1 results in the wake of COVID—and beyond

When it comes to COVID, there's no industry that hasn't been touched financially in the past several months. 

But exactly what that impact was in the first quarter of 2020—which began with mere rumors of a mysterious disease spreading in Asia to a full-fledged worldwide pandemic by the end of the quarter—has differed wildly.

FierceHealthcare's team tuned in to all the latest earnings calls hosted by publicly traded health systems, payers and health IT companies to learn more about the impact on the first quarter as well as what to expect the rest of the year. 

While many of these company's pulled their 2020 guidance amid the uncertainty, we did learn a bit about how they are adapting to the new reality of COVID-19. Check out our video discussion below to hear our takeaways, and a bit how we're getting through stay-at-home orders.