A farewell to blogs: FierceHospitals will explore what it takes to make hospitals the best-run organizations on the planet

A blue hospital sign on the side of a building
The Hospital Impact blog, started in 2005, is getting a makeover with a renewed focus on the news and analysis hospital leaders need to know. (Getty/Manuel-F-O)
Gienna Shaw

The Hospital Impact blog was launched way back in March 2005, when blogs were all the rage.

It introduced itself as “the first and only healthcare blog dedicated [to] current and emerging hospital leaders, thinkers, and enablers,” and its mission was to answer the question “what will it take for hospitals to be the best-run organizations on the face of the planet?”

We added Hospital Impact to the FierceHealthcare family of publications several years ago, and while its mission hasn’t changed, the truth is it hasn’t technically been a blog for a long time. As we upgraded our content management system over the years, the posts migrated from a standalone URL to our main website, FierceHealthcare.com.

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Starting with today’s issue, we’re rebranding the publication to FierceHospitals and renewing our commitment to the readers the publication has always served: leaders who want to make their hospital the best-run organization on the face of the planet.

A screen shot of the 2005 Hospital Impact Blog
Screenshot of an early Hospital Impact post. (FierceHealthcare)

We’ll continue to run posts from our contributors, some of whom have been writing for us for more than a decade. You’ll find the hospital-focused ones in this publication and on our website under the heading of “Industry Voices.” But we’ll also add hospital-focused news, analysis, features and more to the mix. 

(We’ll continue to publish peer-to-peer columns in our other e-newsletters as well, on topics including healthcare technology, finance, physician practice and more.)

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I started covering the business of healthcare around the same time the blog was launched, and I was a faithful and regular reader as I learned my new beat, quite different from covering local news for a print newspaper. (I can’t say I miss those weekly board of selectmen’s meetings, though.)

I always liked hearing from the folks who are actually in the field, doing the hard work day in and day out to serve their patients, their clinical, front-line and back-office employees and their communities, all while striving to control costs and improve workflow and efficiency. 

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I hope you’ll enjoy our new format, but I'd like to hear from you either way. If you're a current or emerging hospital leader, thinker or enabler who'd like to contribute an Industry Voices column (we bid a fond farewell to the phrase "Hospital Impact blog post" starting today), please reach out.

And for readers who plan to stick with us, help us provide you with the strategies, tactics and case studies on topics that matter most to you. What do you need to know in order to make your hospital the best-run organization on the planet?

Let's keep the conversation that we began in March 2005 going. You can reach me at [email protected] or find us on Twitter, FaceBook and in our LinkedIn group. — Gienna (@gienna)

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