Editor's Corner—FierceHealthcare wants to hear your stories

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One of the maxims of journalism is the idea that everyone has a story.

Covering healthcare — where it's so easy to get sucked into complexity and clinical vernacular — it's especially critical to remember that.

Every doctor and every nurse carries their stories of victory, of those times when they were able to save their patients' lives or were able to find a solution to a life-altering health problem or bring comfort in a time of need.

They also carry the burden of the times when healthcare didn't get it right. They remember the oversights, the mistakes, the systemic issues and the problems that just couldn't be solved despite their best efforts.

Health system executives, insurance leaders, policymakers, healthcare researchers, all have their own stories of their own interactions with the health care system, both good and bad, that have shaped their views of exactly how we fix this industry.

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Tina Reed

At FierceHealthcare, our goal is to bring you the news that matters to you and helps inform you in your business. We tell you about the policies on Capitol Hill that could impact your bottom line.

We dig into trends from Wall Street and Silicon Valley that are transforming the way everyone does business. But at its core, healthcare is a people business. And we want to bring you the stories about people who bring this business to life. I invite you to check out our recently updated About Us page to learn more about us and more easily figure out who you can send your story ideas to.

You'll find senior editor Paige Minemyer and reporter Robert King, who cover the latest stories from around the health insurance industry and try to explain novel efforts to get costs under control.

Senior editor Heather Landi is your contact for all the top health IT news, covering both top tech names as well as startups. Editor Joanne Finnegan covers our physician news, including telling the stories of some of the top doctors across the industry. Finally, contributing writer Jacqueline Renfrow and I are your contacts for top health system and hospital news, covering efforts to balance cost control, quality and safety.

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We want to hear more of your voices and it's easier than ever to reach us from the About Us page. Here are a few ways to do that.

  • Submit Industry Voices: Are you a thought leader in your industry with something to say? Check out our guidelines and submit your own Industry Voices column for consideration.
  • Send us your Chutes and Ladders: Was there a big promotion? Or perhaps a major retirement? We want to share the biggest moves in the healthcare industry and starting this Friday, we'll begin offering our weekly "Chutes and Ladders" roundup. But we need your help. You can submit news for this feature.
  • Send us a tip: Have a story idea you think our writers would be interested in digging into? We'd love to hear from you. You can send a confidential email to [email protected].

Everyone has a story. We'd love to hear from you about yours.