Broward Health settles with ex-CEO for $975,000

Broward Health
Broward Health ended a longtime feud with its former CEO. (Broward Health)

Broward Health’s Board of Directors has approved a $975,000 settlement with former CEO Pauline Grant.

The settlement ends a long legal battle that began back in 2016 when Grant sued the South Florida public hospital system for her firing over anti-kickback violations. The settlement resolves legal matters between the two parties and includes an agreement by Grant to help the hospital system in an upcoming federal investigation, the Sun Sentinel reports.

The longtime Broward Health executive had asked for severance equivalent to a year’s salary, about $619,000, claiming that the system violated state public meetings law by discussing her firing prior to opening a board meeting. Later on, the system ended up countersuing, denying Grant severance due to her violation of conduct.

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The conduct allegedly involved illegally distributing contracts to orthopedic surgeons when Grant sat on the board of directors of a facility that contracts with the Florida hospital system. The allegations were never proven.

Broward Health operates four hospitals and urgent care and outpatient centers in South Florida.