'Yelp for hospitals': New site offers healthcare ratings

A new site that aims to become the hospital equivalent of Yelp premiered this week, TIME reports. Unlike its less specialized counterpart, the new site, analyticsMD, bases ratings not on reviews by the public, but on quality data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The site focuses primarily on hospitals' emergency services, inpatient cost efficiency and patient satisfaction and lists hospitals' strengths, weaknesses, and overall grade and comparative ranking. Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, for example, earned a B- rating overall and ranked in the 44th percentile nationwide. It can be difficult for patients to know what to expect from their local hospitals, according to co-founder Brent Newhouse, because an emergency is often their first experience with them. In addition to the ratings, the site also uses data analytics to consult with hospitals on how to improve operational efficiency. Article