Winnie Fritz Joins Agilum as Head of Healthcare Performance Improvement Consulting Team

Former hospital CEO, CCO and CNO brings wealth of experience in operational and administrative consulting to assist Agilum customers in taking meaningful action with healthcare business intelligence

Winnie Fritz Joins Agilum as Head of Healthcare Performance Improvement Consulting Team

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, a leading provider of healthcare business intelligence (BI) solutions and services, announced today that Winnie Fritz has joined the company to lead Agilum’s healthcare performance improvement consulting service. In her new role, Winnie’s expertise will be invaluable to clients as she demonstrates how the actionable intelligence from Agilum’s solutions can easily translate to better patient care, operational efficiency and financial performance.

Each new client that implements Agilum’s BI solutions will receive 40 hours of healthcare performance improvement consulting based upon Winnie’s team’s successful record of hospital management. The offering comes at no additional cost and includes suggestions for operational and financial improvements. Winnie and her team will combine their knowledge of hospital operations with their ability to recognize opportunities from Agilum’s BI solutions in order to recommend informed executive actions.

“Having worked with Winnie at HCCA, I place high value on her breadth of healthcare expertise, work ethic and determination to improve the quality of patient care and overall hospital efficiency,” said Kevin McNamara, chairman at Agilum. “With her extensive knowledge of hospital operations, Agilum is well positioned to further expound upon our business intelligence platform by providing clients with performance-enhancing consultation services that will facilitate swift and significant improvements to their hospitals.”

Winnie comes to Agilum from Carondelet St. Mary’s Hospital and Carondelet Holy Cross Hospital where she served as chief executive officer. Prior to Carondelet, Winnie was with HCCA Management, an organization providing assessment and consulting services for international hospitals and health systems, where she served as the senior vice president of operations and clinical services. She has also served as chief clinical officer and director of international operations for HCCA International. Prior to her work at HCCA, Winnie held positions as chief clinical officer/chief nursing officer at Maryvale Hospital, a part of Vanguard Health Systems and Desert Springs Hospital, a part of Quorum Health Systems; dean of a school for nursing and clinical operations officer for His Majesty, King Hussein in Jordan in the Middle East; founder and president of Wellness Systems, Inc.; and a nurse in the U.S. Army where she was awarded the Bronze Star.

“As Agilum continues to grow, Winnie will be a valuable asset to the team with her far-reaching successes in global management,” said Roy Mathews, founder and CEO at Agilum. “With business intelligence becoming ever more necessary for hospitals to remain competitive, Agilum is uniquely positioned to provide well-rounded and effective solutions that include not only succinct, easily accessible intelligence, but also consulting services that make it very simple to take action on these insights.”

Agilum Healthcare Intelligence provides business intelligence applications created exclusively for the healthcare provider industry. As experts in business intelligence and management reporting, Agilum enables healthcare executives to receive up-to-date, affordable, readily-available, actionable information and insight on improving their organization’s performance. Agilum products are created by personnel who have decades of healthcare operations and analytics background. Agilum is headquartered near Nashville, Tennessee, USA.