Williamsville Wellness Announces Digital Art Therapy Program

Program utilizes new technology to provide an easy drawing experience and enhance the continued benefits of taking home the piece and continuing to work on it.

HANOVER, Va., March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Williamsville Wellness recently expanded their successful art therapy program to incorporate the iPad and tablet PC into their work. Art therapy has long been a viable part of treatment at Williamsville Wellness, a residential gambling and alcohol addiction treatment center in Virginia. In the past, the treatment model involved creating a picture during a session and using it as an instrument of treatment within that session. There was relatively limited ability to continue working with an image after the session had ended; the patient could take home what they produced but couldn't really add much to it.

"The iPad and tablet PC technology has changed everything. Our patients can draw easily, see their work in vivid color, and download it all to continue adding to it later," explains Bob Cabaniss, Founder of Williamsville Wellness. "Art therapy has long been a staple of our comprehensive treatment program. With these new additions, this treatment will be even more effective and life-changing for our patients."

The new additions to the program offer a substantial change to art therapy. The addiction recovery center can now offer drawing without the mess. Retinal displays on the iPad allow patients to see their work in crystal clear high definition. This enhancement gives patients a new sense of accomplishment as they see their work enhanced.

Another advantage of the new technology is that it allows alcohol and gambling addiction patients to carry their art with them and continue changing it and absorbing its meaning even after the session is over. The easy use that an iPad can provide will empower patients to continue working on their art anywhere, even long after they've left Williamsville.

About Williamsville Wellness: Williamsville Wellness (http://williamsvillewellness.com/) is a residential alcohol, and gambling addiction recovery center located in Hanover, Virginia. Every Williamsville patient is provided with a customized treatment plan to help address the underlying causes of their unique addiction, including an average of 20+ one on one therapy sessions per week.


SOURCE Williamsville Wellness