Will health reform move more medical care online?; Firsthand symptoms of a broken healthcare system;

> How nice would it be if parents could just beam pediatricians a digital photo of a rash, describe any other symptoms and get a response? As a parent, FiercePracticeManagement's Deb Beaulieu would love it, but as a healthcare journalist, she says she appreciates the reasons the physician-patient email trend hasn't really taken off. Commentary

> "It's one thing to discuss anecdotal symptoms of our broken healthcare system," says Hospital Impact blogger Thomas Dahlborg. "It's something totally different to live with those symptoms, or to witness their impact on a loved one." In his most recent post, Dahlborg tells the story of a family member "Betty" and her recent experience with our healthcare system. Commentary

> Is Johnson & Johnson cooperating fully with a Congressional probe into its recent consumer-drug recalls? The company says yes--but investigators say no. FiercePharma

And Finally... Why not go to a mattress store instead? Article