WI database tracks painkiller prescriptions

A Wisconsin county has taken steps to establish a database allowing area doctors to determine whether a patient has been "doctor shopping" to obtain multiple prescriptions of painkillers. Doctors behind the database, which is being championed by the Medical Society of Milwaukee County, would like it to eventually bring pharmacies on board so they can find doctors who prescribe high volumes of such drugs. The database effort comes as part of a county-wide effort to cut down on prescription drug abuse there. A task force run by the society also has issued a set of guidelines designed to help doctors tell the difference between drug abuses and patients who truly have a pain problem. Doctors who sign on would have to get patients to sign a medication management agreement with patients--specifying that they won't sell the drugs or use them with illegal drugs or alcohol--before they'd write any scripts.

To learn more about the database effort:
- read this Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel piece

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